Beyond Time

Bubble Gum Orchestra

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BGO's forth album titled, "Beyond Time"…A futuristic, guitar driven journey through Michael Laine Hildebrandt's richly imagined world ignited by the explosive super sonic force of BGO's musical artistry. The combination of drama, introspection and fantasy make this space age mystery captivating from beginning to end. 'Beyond Time" tells a story, through it's songs and lyrics, of life, love and of a man and his spaceship that has been launched into a worm hole in the year 2395 arriving millions and millions of years later in a place no one has ever seen or could imagine…"Beyond Time". He tries to come to terms with being unable to return to Earth and writes these 14 songs to help with his heavy burden. Sit back, turn it up and get lost in this conceptual gem by Bubble Gum Orchestra.

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