The making of Michael's "Mighty" Warwick


Michael Laine Hildebrandt and former (USA Artist Rep) Christopher Kunitz at the New York City Warwick Custom Shop Showroom in the East Village, New York City.
Here is Michael's "Official" Warwick bass endorsement Artist Bio Page! Michael's fellow Warwick endorsers include, Adam Clayton/ U2, Jack Bruce / Jack Bruce Band / Cream, Robert Trujillo / Metallica, P-Nut / 311 and Bootsy Collins just to name a few. A HUGE Thanks to Warwick founder Hans Peter Wilfer and Michael's (New York artist relations rep) Christopher Kunitz for all your support!

 Michael and his Warwick weapons of destruction.
Michael's new Warwick "Thumb" bass guitar has just been completed in Warwick's Custom Shop located in Markneukirchen
Germany! Check out the pictures and specs of this beautiful "one of a kind" piece of art. Warwick has filmed the "making" of this bass and the video will be available to view soon on
Warwick's website and Bubble Gum Orchestra's Facebook page along with right here on BGO's Official website. Michael is proud and honored to be endorsed by Warwick!
Special thanks toChristopher Kunitz (Artist Relations, Warwick- Framus) New York USA  for all your guidance and support!

Thanks to Warwicks Custom Shop (Germany) for creating Michael's new (Blue) 4 string "Thumb"

Stay tuned for updates...

It is a true privilege to be on Warwicks Artist roster! ...Michael Laine Hildebrandt--- quote

1-28-2012: Michael "Live" in Houston Texas playing his Warwick 5 string "Dirty Blonde" limited edition Thumb Bass.

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