STICKY LOVE SONGS: Volume 1 & Volume 2

Bubble Gum Orchestra

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It seems like every great band has a defining moment when all the creative stars align. This is what apparently happened over the last 3 years of production of “Sticky Love Songs, Vol 1 & 2”. This offering of 20 songs, played beautifully apart, yet even better chronologically, is a joyful melancholy. Lush vocals, catchy hooks, and quirky lyrics unfold in a story of loss, of love, and redemption. I’m not sure what happened to Michael. I’m afraid to ask. But whatever it was, it inspired BGO’s best album to date. The convergence of this great talent with the great music, and whatever it was that inspired such “joyful melancholy” from Michael Laine Hildebrandt, has manifested in the form of not just one, but TWO volumes of Sticky Love Songs. They are fun, some are so catchy they will bounce around in your head for days, and even as they are upbeat in areas, they are cryptically sad and bitter in others. It has been said that the music industry is dead. Well, it has at the very least been on life support in terms of talent and output, but much like Dr. Frankenstein reviving his creature from the snares of death, BGO has resuscitated the musical monster with “Sticky Love Songs, Vol 1 & 2” and shown us that rock music is actually alive and well. Do yourself a favor: Buy this album. ~ BGO Fan Review...Chris A. (USA)

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